Hi there, I'm Shamara!

I am a product designer who loves communicating ideas and bringing them to reality. Let me bring my creativity and technical skills to elevate your digital products and captivate your target audience.

Here are a few case studies of my initial design process:


SaaS web application

Taltrics is an AI-powered resource management platform, built to boost productivity and efficeincy, saving people leaders time and operational costs. Intelligently allocate your workforce today, while future-proofing resource plans for tomorrow.

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Safety Travel App

Mobile application design

Safe Scout, your ultimate companion for worry-free and secure travels. Whether you're embarking on a thrilling adventure or heading to a new city for business, we've got your back. Discover local safety information, receive timely updates on potential risks, and stay connected with your travel buddies.

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Concept Florist App

Mobile application design

Fowler's Flowers, one of America's leading florist providing customers with prestigious quality and convenience. The merger of luxury and floral designs, where flowers express more than words. Our purpose is to help our customers find the perfect flower arrangement for any occasion.

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My true passion lies in good design. I have self-studied UX/UI product design for over 3 years.

My background is actually in culinary arts, I was a chef for many years and wore many hats including one of my favorites as a Research and Development chef for a nationwide production company. However, I needed to seek more stimulating ways to express my creativity and drive for knowledge. So I made the switch. And I love every bit of the tech world. Surprisingly, my culinary expertise has found a place in the world of digital user experience. People eat with their eyes, and just like creating beautiful and appetizing dishes, product design involves the art of transforming complex ideas into simple, intuitive, and visually appealing solutions. Whether it's the journey of a customer's taste buds or a user navigating an interface, I understand the importance of creating engaging and satisfying user experiences. And just like the kitchen, I enjoy collaborating within a team and thrive on ideating innovative design concepts and turning constraints and ideas into perfect recipes for user-friendly products. I have a persistent hunger for knowledge that fuels my passion, and can consistently bring inspiration, enthusiasm, and reliability to any team.

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Whether you have a project in mind or would simply like to chat. Feel free to message me. Let's ideate.

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